Conditions for Participation

Conditions of participation for special journeys with the Südbahn-Express

  1. organizer
    Association of Railway Friends in Lienz ZVR 865918502 – UID: ATU 67 201 413, Bahnhofplatz 10 – Heizhaus, 9900 Lienz

With the purchase of a ticket, you as a customer accept the following conditions of participation for special journeys, which thus become an integral part of the contract of carriage.

2. booking
With the purchase of the ticket, the customer concludes a transport contract with the organisers according to the conditions listed below.

3. withdrawal from the contract
3.1 Rescission by the customer
The customer can withdraw from the journey without giving reasons. In case of a cancellation by the customer, the following cancellation costs shall be incurred:
10 % of the ticket price
80 % of the ticket price for cancellations made 14 days or more before the date of the trip
100 % of the ticket price in case of non-arrival of the journey
3.2 Withdrawal by the Organiser
The organisers may cancel the trip without notice if the minimum number of participants required to cover costs is not reached or if the trip is considerably impeded or impossible due to technical difficulties or force majeure (e.g. thunderstorms, extreme drought, strike). The fare will be refunded if the trip does not take place. No liability is assumed for any further claims of the customer.

4. liability
4.1 Exchange of vehicles due to technical defects
Unless otherwise stated, the trips will be carried out with historical vehicles. In principle, there is no right to use the vehicles specified in the invitation to tender. All vehicles are historical unique specimens which may be damaged at short notice. If these cannot be repaired and no equivalent replacement is available, vehicles from the company stock will be used. This does not entitle the customer to claim a price reduction or to withdraw from the trip. If the provision of a replacement vehicle is associated with considerable additional expenses, the organisers are entitled to cancel a trip even at short notice.
4.2 Vehicle replacement due to fire hazard
If the use of a steam locomotive is not possible for fire protection reasons, a diesel or electric locomotive is used without prior notice. This does not entitle the customer to claim a price reduction or to withdraw from the journey. If the provision of a diesel or electric locomotive entails considerable additional expenditure, the organisers are entitled to cancel a trip at short notice.

4.3. change of programme during the journey due to technical problems

In spite of the best possible care of the historic vehicles, a technical defect during the journey cannot be completely ruled out. This may necessitate a change to the programme at short notice. In this case, the organisers will endeavour to keep the impairments as low as possible and to ensure the continuation of the planned journey or the return transport to the starting point of the journey as quickly as possible. If essential parts of the booked programme cannot be provided in this way, the customer is entitled to a price reduction. The organisers do not assume any liability for any further claims.

4.4 Changes to the programme for operational reasons

The Südbahn Express and the special steam train are operated as special services by the relevant network operator. In the event of operational disruptions or delays, the scheduled trains have priority. This can shorten your stay at your destination and / or delay your arrival on your return journey. Such impairments are beyond the control of the organiser and therefore there is no entitlement to a price reduction nor can any further claims be recognised.

4.5 Changes in driving times
Since the network operator can change the exact timetable of the special train at very short notice, it is not the times specified in the journey announcement that are binding, but the timetable that is available on the Internet ( on the last calendar day before the journey.
4.6 Dangers due to flying sparks
A steam locomotive develops soot, smoke, steam and flying sparks. The organizers accept no liability for any resulting soiling, damage or injury. It is forbidden to lean out of the open window while driving.
4.7 Dangers from open doors
Doors/bars must not be opened while the vehicle is in motion. The historic passenger coaches do not have a door/bar locking device which mechanically prevents opening during the journey. Therefore, pay attention to the dangers arising from a stay on an open platform. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to stay permanently on the transitions between the wagons. Children must be supervised. The organisers accept no liability for damage resulting from non-compliance with these regulations.

4.8. travel comfort
The use of historical carriages can reduce travel comfort, especially during the heating period. No claims can be derived from this.
4.9 Theft and loss
The organizers are not liable for theft and loss of valuables during the trip and during stays.
4.10. Instructions of the personnel
For safety reasons, the instructions of the train crew must always be followed. Pay particular attention to the announcement of special operational features, e.g. platforms that are too short. Never enter or cross tracks without permission. The organisers accept no liability for the consequences of any violation.

5. smoking ban
Smoking is prohibited in the special trains. Any addresses on and in the vehicles that deviate from this regulation have exclusively historical reasons and do not change anything about the smoking ban.