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The Role of the Railway in the Life of the East Tyrolean Population after 1918

Reorientation after 1918

Today’s Drautalbahn consists of the Kärntnerbahn (Marburg – Villach) and the eastern part of the original Pustertalbahn (which stretched from Lienz to Franzensfeste). It received its present name after the collapse of the Danube Monarchy and the division of the Pustertal line into an Italian part after 1918.

“When I grow up, I’ll be a locomotive driver!” The profession of the railwayman is varied and has changed dramatically in the last century due to new technical developments. A well-founded education and constant training are the basis for every profession.

The proverb “Who is nothing and who can’t do anything, goes to the railway” has probably not been valid for a long time.

Main topics

Trade – Transport – Tourism
Creation of new professions and trades
Railway workers – a profession like no other
Social changes in society
Change in the political situation