At the beginning of November 2018 we received the following Email:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

are you interested in a railway library? Please find enclosed the corresponding list. Mr. Gerald Pichowetz would like to donate it to a railway museum, but only in its entirety and the books would have to be collected in Vienna. If you are interested, please contact us.

Gerald Pichowetz – Gloria Theater Vienna

Yes, we did. Our reply took just 1 day. And we got the contract. After many honorary working hours in Vienna (packing books and magazines, stowing them in wire boxes, organizing transport, ….) the approx. 3,700 books and magazines arrived at the Südbahn Heizhaus in mid-December.

In the so-called “Knelyraum” one of Austria’s largest railway libraries will be built, which will fit very well to the archive and the magazine collection on the 1st floor.

The library will be a further jewel in the boiler house and will be made accessible at certain times with responsible persons.

Our special thanks go to Mr. Gerald Pichowetz, Gloria Theater Vienna.

Our library Decembre 2020

Donations for the construction of our library are gladly accepted on our association account – with the note “library”. Thank you for your support.